My teeth are fine. I brush them 2 times per day and floss. Why do I need a clean?
As diligent as we are at cleaning our teeth there are places and stains and tartar that brushing will not remove. A professional clean is great insurance for the longevity of your natural teeth and may alert you to any potential problems while having the procedure. It doesn’t hurt and nearly all people are amazed at the feeling of a clean tooth and teeth.
What is the cost of treatment?
Treatment costs vary from procedure to procedure. At @lpha dental we have a free consultation policy so we can assess what work if any needs to be done. A treatment plan and open discussion about treatment and costs will be explained. You only pay when we start the treatment plan. A full quote can be printed out for you to consider or check item numbers with your health fund.
Why do I need X-rays?
To give the best examination, we need the tooth, the whole tooth, and everything around the tooth. X-rays are a great diagnostic tool (and they don’t hurt!).
What do you do for pain management?
In this modern world, pain management at the dentist is paramount. Sure some parts are a little uncomfortable but we strive to give the best and most pain free experience at the dentist. An open communication between patient, dentist and nurse lead to a less painful and anxious experience.
Our patients often comment as to how quick and easy their procedures were. This makes us feel proud and happy for our clients.
What are veneers?
Veneers are tooth coloured caps that cover over discoloured or mis-shapen teeth to give a more aesthetic and pleasing dental appearance.
What kind of fillings are available?
Generally there are two kinds of tooth fillings available. Amalagam (metal fillings) and composite resin (tooth coloured fillings). Each type has certain advantages and disadvantages. We can advise on which type is best for your situation.
What is a crown?
A crown is a ceramic or metal cap that fits over a prepared single natural tooth to restore the strength, function and aesthetics.
What is a dental bridge?
A bridge is similar to a crown but involves more than one tooth and can include a porcelain tooth that may be already missing in a patient.
Is a dental bridge removable?
A dental bridge is generally not removable unless it is involved with a dental implant. Bridges are a very low volume, http://forhealthylives.com comfortable tooth appliance.
What are some of the results cosmetic dentistry treatment can achieve?
Modern dentistry can achieve many great aesthetic results including;

  • Closing “gappy” smiles
  • Removing unsightly stains
  • Changing the shape of misshaped or chipped teeth
  • Removing old metal fillings
  • Restoring areas of decay
  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Bleaching and whitening yellow stained teeth
Do you provide sedation or general anesthesia?
Generally most dental procedures can be done with local anesthetic and a calm relaxing environment. At @lpha dental group we pride ourselves on patient management. Making each visit efficient and relaxed to minimize any anxiety a patient may have.
Analgesic inhalers are available for extreme cases but very rarely needed.
Do you have X-rays?
Modern dentistry is very digital these days and that includes X-rays. The traditional X-ray arm is used but the x-ray picture is exported to computer with a clarity far exceeding old film. As a consequence the diagnostic value gives way more detail of a tooth’s health and condition which is crucial in making the best treatment plan. For orthodontic or implant cases we will refer to specialist radiological centres.
What concession programmes do you participate in?
@lpha dental is registered with Medicare to service clients under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS). Please phone to see if your child/children qualify for up to $1000 of subsidized dental treatment.
We also participate in the Victorian Denture Scheme (VDS) for patients with VDS vouchers from their community health centre.
Veteran’s Affairs Gold Card holders are also welcome to attend for all their dental/denture needs
Workers Compensation—in the event that you are involved in a dentally related work accident, we can help. Each case is individual so please free to call the clinic for more information.
What types of payment do you accept?
Payments can be made by a variety of methods:

  • All major debit/credit cards
  • American Express
  • EFT
  • Cash
Which health funds are you registered with?
Through our HICAPS terminal we are linked to all insurance companies that subscribe to HICAPS. So you can do all your dental claims electronically on the spot with minimal fuss (presuming you have dental extras on your private health policy). The gap payment will be required on the day of treatment unless prior arrangements have been made.
HICAPS available: Instant rebates are available from participating health funds on presentation of your health fund membership card.
Do you offer payment plans?
There are several commercial companies that help with payment plans. We can point you in the right direction to reputable companies.